2014 Interior Design Summit ~ Savings end soon

I wanted to let you know about some BIG news I just heard from my friends and colleagues Gail Doby and Erin Weir, co-founders of Design Success University.

Right now, they’re hard at work preparing for their annual Interior Design Summit… and through May 1 ONLY, they’re offering a $500 savings on the ticket price!

They have an impressive roster of speakers lined up for the event, and they told me they’re just as impressed by the attendees who have reserved their spots in the past couple of weeks.

So how about you? Will you be there, too?

Again, the $500 savings on this powerful event end Thursday, May 1, so now is the perfect time to register!

Put Yourself On The Roster <<< Reserve Your Seat By May 1 & Save $500

Not sure whether the event is for you?

To help you decide, meet Cheryl Stauffer, a designer from Columbus, Ohio, who works with her husband, Luis.

Cheryl wanted to elevate her business to the next level, and knew she needed expertise outside of herself and her team to do so. She and Luis signed up for a VIP Day with Gail. Together, Cheryl and Luis went over what they expected from their time with Gail, and based on what they said, Gail helped them create some new strategies for their business.

By implementing these strategies, and by making changes to the way they were charging clients, Cheryl and Luis increased their revenue by $70,000 in the first 6 months after their VIP Day.

How would you like to see those results in YOUR business?

Make a commitment to yourself to come to the Interior Design Summit, where you can learn exactly how to make it happen.

And right now, when you enroll by Thursday, May 1, you save $500 on the regular investment!

If you’re interested in information Cheryl Stauffer called life-changing … information that, in Cheryl’s words, sets you up for success and makes it so work doesn’t overtake your life, then you’ll definitely want to grab a seat!

I’ve heard Gail and Erin – and their team – speak before, and I highly recommend them. They always provide powerful, easy-to-implement information designed to transform your business so you can earn more money and infuse your business with more passion!

Here’s the link to read even more spectacular real-life success stories and reserve your spot right away – and so you can take advantage of the $500 savings:

Dramatically Increase Your Profits <<< Register By May 1 & Save $500

One of the most significant takeaways of this event is a network of driven, brilliant design professionals with whom you can brainstorm and share with for years to come … and as Gail mentioned, the list of attendees is very impressive. There’s one person missing: YOU! Sign up here to reserve your seat and save $500!

You should know I’m an affiliate of DSU, which means I believe in what they’re doing. It also means that if you do decide to invest with them, they may float me a commission to thank me!

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