Did you know Minutes Matter Studio has a new Kitchen Module?

Minutes Matter announced a brand new module for Studio, the Kitchen Module.  We would love to hear your comments.

Kitchen Module for Minutes Matter Studio



After reading comments from our Kitchen module webinar, we decided to add a few more elements like electrical symbols and pot racks to this new module. Merlyn has already begun working on the new additions. Look how cute! Merlyn is a genius and has worked tirelessly to get this Kitchen Module perfect. The Kitchen Module is out and ready to be purchased.

Pot Rack, Minutes Matter Studio


Above is a photo of the pot rack in my kitchen. We remodeled our kitchen about four years ago. We painted and glazed our existing oak cabinets, added a subway tile and mosaic tile backsplash and tile countertops. Also, notice my magnetic knife holder. Okay, back to pot racks . . .  I absolutely love my pot rack! You can see it is jammed packed with pots and pans. Not sure I could ever live without a pot rack in my kitchen. And yes, we polish our copper clad bottom pans. Notice, I do not have an island under my pot rack. I have 9′ ceilings but Lee, my youngest son, has 8′ ceilings, no island and he has one. Pot racks are an incredible way to save cabinet space and makes it so easy to retrieve a desired pot or pan. Who knows you might even want to cook more.

If you can work a pot rack into your kitchen, I highly recommend it. I know you’ll love it.

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I'm a super energetic person that has lots of new ideas always floating around in my head. I own two businesses, Dandelion Interiors and Minutes Matter and enjoy both of them. One business satisfies my need to use my creative design talent and the other satisfies my need to help others to develop their technology skills. I absolutely love my church, my family, my two granddaughters, technology and cooking.
  1. nancy Reply

    will you send me an email when the kit templates are availbale to download?

  2. Debbie Green Reply

    Hi Nancy, you’ll see a blog post here when the Kitchen Module is released. Send an email to debbie@minutesmatter.com and I send you a notice when it releases.

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