Apple’s iWatch is so many things to me!

Apple’s new IOS 2 update for the iWatch included a cool new feature. The iWatch turns into a night clock when it’s turned on it’s side and connected to the charger. Other things I love about my iWatch: I love that with a super quick glance I can check to see if...

A Simple Trick to Reduce Stress

Most of you know, if you read my blog posts that I subscribe to Marie Forleo’s emails. This week she shared a quick tip on how to combat stress with one simple little trick. When you’re plate is overloaded, and you feel like you’re going to explode, take a...

Studio Live! Let’s Get Social

Join us Wednesday, September 9th at 1:00PM EDT for Studio Live! Our topic is “Let’s Get Social.” We’ll be discussing easy ways to share your talents, design concepts and favorite finds on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and, of course, your blog. We will...

Create a Watercolor Masterpiece with a Click

Since I wasn’t born with the natural artistic ability to paint or even produce a good hand sketch, I depend on technology to do that for me. Within seconds, technology can transform a Studio image or any photo I’ve taken into a sketch or watercolor. Today, I was...

Dual Monitors Increase Efficiency (under $100)

During our Studio Live! webinar this week, I alluded on how to increase efficiency by using dual monitors. Yesterday, I was browsing a Sam’s Club flyer that came in the mail and was blown away at the price of this 21.5″ Dell monitor. I have never seen 21″...

Studio Live Webinar! Best Practices for Your Computer with Q&A Session

Our Studio Live! webinars are super informative and FREE to join. Best of all THIS YEAR all webinars are recorded and saved inside your CustomerHub account and can be viewed anytime at no charge. This month, we’ll be covering a few best practices when working on your...

VIP Buyer’s Tour at High Point Spring Market

Soft Design Lab is thrilled to announce their VIP Buyer’s Tour to High Point Spring Market in cooperation with High Point Market Authority. If you have never been to High Point Market or have not attended in the past five years, you are qualified to join our exclusive...

High Point Furniture Market ~ Eastern Accents (the most visited showroom)

Every afternoon Jerry makes his way to Eastern Accents at the front of the Suites of Market Square to get their famous Sangria and a small cup of peanut M&M’s. The Sangria is a secret recipe, and they make it fresh every day. The Sangria is definitely a hit at market. I...

High Point Furniture Market ~ Sneak Peek Continues

More photos from High Point Fall Market. Any product a designer needs is here at High Point Furniture Market as you can see from my other High Point blog posts. Below photos were taken at Global Views, Studio A, LuxArt Silk, Pine Cone Hill, Saddlemans, Karen Robertson Collection...

Design Success University Meetup at Stanford Furniture

After market today we joined the Design Success University crew for their Meetup at Stanford Furniture showroom. It was my first time to visit their showroom. Their furniture was comfortable and had great style. I snapped several pictures to share. Thanks for the invite Gail...