Use Minutes Matter Studio to brand your phone cover!

    Groupon has a great deal for branding your phone cover from The Case Studio. Right now you can purchase a customized case for only $19, regular price is $45. You can create your custom design in our graphic software Minutes Matter Studio. You use your phone all the...

Studio Coaching Level II Graduate, Marie Mouradian, featured in Vision Magazine

Minutes Matter Studio’s Rendering ~ sells the job! Marie Mouradian, a Studio Coaching Level II graduate, was featured in the September/October issue of Window Fashion Vision Magazine. Below is her article: by Marie Mouradian, WFCP Expert, Window Designs, Etc., Jefferson, MA...

Minutes Matter’s 800 Number is down AGAIN!

Our 800 number is down AGAIN and has been down since last week! If you have tried to call, you might have received a message saying we weren’t available or that number is no longer available. We are in the office and in the process of porting our 800 number to a new...

Pantone announces their “Color of the Year” for 2014

Pantone announced their “Color of the Year” for 2014 Radiant Orchid. What do you think? What accents or rooms will this color be used in? Very soothing to the eye.

Annual Interior Design Fee & Salary Survey

Each year, my friends at Design Success University conduct a survey of interior design professionals, to gather the most comprehensive, up-to-date information about how much people are earning. It’s called the Interior Design Fee & Salary Survey – and you’re...

Morning Pages by Julia Cameron

Julia describes how everyone can benefit from an exercise called “Morning Pages.” I love the title, it certainly got my attention. It is a very short video and worth pondering over. As business owners, every day our minds race with the tasks on our to-do list as well...

Thank You Note from Mary to Anna.

    Occasionally, we receive written thank-you cards and I thought our blog would be the perfect place to begin sharing them. I love to see the card design the designer has selected to represent their business. The yellow and black definitely made this a strikingly...

Minutes Matter Staff will be Limited During High Point Furniture Market

  Hard to believe High Point Furniture Market begins Saturday October 18th is opening day for High Point. During market the Minutes Matter staff will be available but on a much more limited basis. What does this mean to you? It means it could take a little longer to return...

Sitting is the new smoking! Yikes, I’m in trouble. . .

I ran across this video on YouTube and the title got my attention. I knew sitting at my desk most of the day wasn’t the best thing I could do for my health. This video makes you aware of what we are doing to our bodies and how it is affecting our health. After watching the...

Photo Apps ~ What’s Your Favorite?

How cute are those girls? Okay, maybe I am a little bit prejudice, since those are my two granddaughters. After Casey took the photo this morning, I asked her to send me the photo so I could add some special effects and a caption. We also talked about making sure we always took...