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I am patting myself on the back and  hoping someone will celebrate with me!  I passed my 2014 QuickBooks Pro-Advisor Certification today.  In addition to attending several QuickBooks trade shows and educational conferences every year, I take a test to prove I deserve the Certified by Intuit logo.  Its official, I have been certified since 2007.

Here is the really, really big news…..I also passed my QuickBooks Online certification! I know many of you rushed to the window to see if the sky was falling 🙂 as you have heard from me several times that I am not a big QBO fan.  I am making a very concentrated and intense effort to adjust my QBO attitude.  It is the product of the future and I decided to get on the train before it was moving so fast I wouldn’t be able to catch up.

I am attending a conference in October where I will be concentrating for three solid days on QuickBooks Online training and an Advanced Certification in QBO.  QuickBooks Desktop is still a more feature rich product and is the best fit for our industry.  QuickBooks Online has some advantages over QuickBooks for Desktop and I will let you know when I think it is a product that some of you may benefit from the change.


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Vickie Ayres retired from the Interior Design industry to concentrate on teaching and training small business owners to use QuickBooks. Her years of designing and fabricating custom soft furnishings make her uniquely prepared to help you troubleshoot your QuickBooks issues. She lives in central Indiana with her husband on a cattle farm. She frequently travels the US to teach and work with clients.

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