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Is Your Business a Homewrecker? by Marie Forleo

Another killer video from Marie Forleo. This video is for all of us entrepreneurs in the interior design business that can get a little too involved in our work from time to time. Sometimes, we need to be reminded to step back and smell the roses and make time for the important people in our lives.

Create memories with your loved ones that will make you smile for years to come. Those memories instantly add happiness to my day the minute they enter my brain. In fact, one just popped into my head. As we were driving one day with our granddaughters, my youngest granddaughter, Morgan called out to me GG? Since I was in the passenger side of the front seat, I looked back at her and said honey that’s not my name, my name is “DG.” If you could have seen the shocked look on that sweet little face. She said, Wha’ya name? Jerry and I got so tickled, because we realized that she suddenly thought she didn’t know my name. I love those memories.

Another great video Marie.


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