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Create a Watercolor Masterpiece with a Click

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Since I wasn’t born with the natural artistic ability to paint or even produce a good hand sketch, I depend on technology to do that for me. Within seconds, technology can transform a Studio image or any photo I’ve taken into a sketch or watercolor.

Today, I was reading the final issue of Drapery & Design Magazine and was reminded of a great app that can accomplish this task with a simple click. Sandra VanSickle wrote a great article on the Waterlogue app. The Waterlogue app is $2.99 and only available in the App Store for IOS devices. This app is so easy to use, all you have is open the app ~ snap a photo or choose an existing photo from your photo library and select your filter. I used the Luminous filter for the above watercolor.

This app can be used in creating thank-you cards for clients, a marketing tool for social media and printed artwork gifts for family, friends, and clients.

Below is the photo I used to create the watercolor image.



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