FLOURISH at High Point Market with a Scholarship Opportunity!

This post contains a special surprise announcement we’re confident you’re going to LOVE if you want to increase profit, work less, and spend more time in your sweet spot.

Yesterday, I received a message from my friends, Lisa Ferguson & Gail Doby. They told me they’ve heard from so many designers who loved the idea of the Flourish Summit, but couldn’t afford to invest right now when they factored in the cost of travel to High Point, North Carolina.

One of their partners, Studio Webware, has decided to underwrite 15 Scholarship Tickets to the Flourish event!

Studio Webware What does this mean for you? If you’re one of the first 15 people to fill out the online order form, your ticket to the Flourish Summit is paid for by Studio Webware! All you have to do is pay a $49 materials fee to cover the cost of supplies. (Really – that’s it!)

Interested? If so, click on the link below right now and fill out the order form, as there are only 15 tickets available from Studio Webware!

Flourish And Profit <<< Attend The Flourish Summit For Just $49

whatifyoufly (Note: When you go to this link, if you still see an Order Form, you’re in luck, because that means there are still underwritten tickets available!)

When you go to the link above and reserve your spot at the Flourish Summit, you discover that you CAN build your ideal business year after year, and experience your ideal workweek, week after week!

At the Flourish Summit, you learn 14 proven strategies for improving your productivity, increasing your passion and supercharging your profits.

Plus, you’ll get .4 Continuing Education Units in addition to the amazing, business-transforming strategies you learn!

So … will you be there?

Flourish! <<< Win 1 of 15 Flourish Scholarships Right Now!

I’ve heard Lisa & Gail teach before, and they provide powerful, practical tools you can implement right away to decrease your stress and increase your profits – and reignite your passion

››P.S. Need more information about the Flourish Summit? Go here!

P.P.S. Remember, this Scholarship Ticket is good only for the first 15 people who order. So if you’re interested, take action right away!

It’s Time To Flourish And Profit <<< Attend The Flourish Summit For Just $49

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