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High Point Spring 2012 Review

Wow, April was a busy month for us. Since High Point Market and Vision12 overlapped, we had to split the Minutes Matter team up. On Monday, I left High Point and flew to Chicago for the Vision12 Expo. We were super busy at both places. I strolled around early in the morning at High Point to take a few photos. I cheated this year, since there is still so much to do after the show, I uploaded most of the images in gallery format. Scroll down and click on any photo to enlarge. I took most of the photos with my iPad. The iPad did an amazing job. The one thing I noticed with the iPad is you have to stand back further than normal to get the shot you want. Strange!! I loved how large the photos were, it allowed me to instantly decide if the photo was going to be a keeper or not. Next post will include videos from Vision12 in Chicago.

I highlighted a couple of my finds at High Point.

I love those sheep!

These had to be the most comfortable chairs in High Point. My back instantly felt relief.

So much personality in one little chair!

This company had some incredible pieces. The axe lamp had to be the most unusual find.

I think most of these people went to sleep. Who doesn’t love resting their feet after walking for miles at High Point.

Here’s the Gallery of photos from High Point. Click on each photo to enlarge.

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