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Holiday Decorating – Studio is willing and able!

Tis the season we all carve out some time to spend time with our friends and family. What better way to welcome guests than by adding a few holiday touches to the outside of your home.

This year on The Lounge, our forum, Merlyn decided to challenge herself by using Studio’s features and functions to decorate the exteriors of homes. I captured three of her renderings to give you a taste of what the Lounge has in store for you. She used Studio’s Fill feature to change the exterior. Wow, how clever is that? Log back in often to see what’s new. (TIP: Once in the forum thread, click on the jpeg thumbnail to enlarge the image.)


I love decorated exteriors during the holidays, they always bring a smile to my face. Even though, Jerry and I don’t do much decorating on the outside of our home I love to see what others have done. I think it’s the lights. I love lights! ****Scratch that, I think Merlyn has inspired us! I finally got Jerry to agree. We’re going to Lowe’s this afternoon to pick up a few lights to for my new idea. I’ll post a photo on the forum when we’re done. Maybe Merlyn will do a rendition of it. Hint, hint!!

Merlyn is inviting everyone to join her in the holiday fun. You can take photos of your home or a client’s home and decorate away. You have the whole month to work your magic.


My church is having a Christmas musical this Sunday night and they are singing this sweet, sweet song. I had to share it with you guys. Enjoy!

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