How Do I ‘Sell’ Myself Without Tooting My Own Horn?

So often designers tell me they don’t like selling because they think they have to brag about themselves, and that makes them uncomfortable because they don’t want to sound salesy or conceited. The problem is, your client won’t hire you unless they know what you can do for them.

One of my favorite ways to do this is by telling client stories. People are wired to enjoy stories, so rather than bragging about yourself, you’re telling a story about someone else. It just so happens that you’re the person who helped that client.

This is why client stories are so powerful, and my favorite non-salesy way to win a client: 

  • It places the emphasis on your client, rather than yourself
  • It allows your prospective client to put themselves in the other client’s shoes and imagine themselves experiencing the same result

But if you do it the wrong way, it could come across as salesy. Here’s what you should focus on to ensure that it comes across the right way:

  • It needs to be a relevant client story. The example must be similar to your prospective client or they won’t be able to relate, or worse, they might think, “that’s great, but how does that pertain to me?”
  • Focus on the relevant problem your client had and how you uniquely solved it.
  • Paint a picture of the finished space – how did your client feel about it? What did it do for them? Be descriptive.

Your prospective client needs to know that you’ve helped other people like them before, and if you do it in the way I just described, you’ll give them exactly what they need to hear to HIRE you.

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