How To Win Your Next Interior Design Client


When you meet with a prospective client for the first time, what is your focus? Do you spend most of your time asking ‘what’ questions: What are you looking for? What are your taste preferences? What look are you trying to achieve?

Those are important, but they won’t help you maximize your value to your client. What matters to your client is not just ‘what’ they want, but ‘why’ they want it. The more you understand why they want what they want, the more you’ll understand their motivation and them.

All things equal, when selecting a designer, your prospects will choose the designer they feel ‘gets’ them the most. Understanding your client’s ‘why’ is a great way to show that you ‘get’ them, which means that you’re in the best position to give them the space of their dreams.

Once you understand their ‘why’, paint a picture of them in their new space, and describe what it will look like and feel like to them. When you do that, you’ll win your next interior design client!

Maria Bayer, Authentic Sales Coach for Design Success University, has sold millions of dollars of products and services, and she teaches designers and small business owners how to do the same without feeling salesy.

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I'm a super energetic person that has lots of new ideas always floating around in my head. I own two businesses, Dandelion Interiors and Minutes Matter and enjoy both of them. One business satisfies my need to use my creative design talent and the other satisfies my need to help others to develop their technology skills. I absolutely love my church, my family, my two granddaughters, technology and cooking.

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