Las Vegas Market Highlight (4 of 4)

Postcards Home Ringtail Porgys

Ringtail Porgys

I was definitely intrigued by the Postcard Home showroom. I was familiar with the name because Jackie Von Tobel had told me that her fabrics were shown there. I absolutely love the name of the company. I introduced myself and meet Donna Johnson and Suzanne Guy the owners. If you have never visited this showroom, it is a MUST! They are working on their website so stay tuned. There is something about these fish that keeps me gazing at this piece of art. It appears, they have no direction. Its like your mind is trying to solve a puzzle in fun and non-competing way.

Postcards Home comtemplation in red

Contemplation In Red

Lady in red. I wonder what she is thinking? With her head tilted down and her hand on her shoulder I’m thinking she feels weight of the world on her shoulders.

Postcards Home Jiggety Pigs

Jiggety Pigs

So much cuteness!! You have to smile when you look at these two. They don’t have a care in the world.


Postcards Home Together Forever

Together Forever

All You Need is Love, you know the song by the Beatles. These swans instantly brought to mind that song. That is what the two swans have is LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Donna reminded me that swans mate for life. How sweet is that? Click on the link to listen this song by the Beatles in YouTube.

Postcards Home Seasons Mums & Chairs The different colored trees caught my eye almost as soon as I walked into the showroom. This entire wall of art invokes happiness, fun and clean. You would definitely expect to see these in a clean and organized room.


Postcards Home Sugar cookies Donna told me I had to come back to the showroom in the afternoon because they put out these homemade sugar cookies. Every market, Susie Dye of 2DyE4 makes these fabulously delicious sugar cookies. One more thing that made this showroom a MUST SEE every market.

Donna and I visited two other art showrooms; Prestige Arts and Art Trends.

Art Trends Ladies in red dancing Ladies in red are definitely in this year. I love the big poofy red dress and how carefree they appear. Don’t you think feet would have ruined these prints?

Art Trends Chess & horses These chess prints would compliment almost any study, family room or game room. I wish I knew how to play chess. My granddaughters and I played chess a couple of weeks ago, but they cheated and won. They don’t really care about the rules they were out to win and beat “DG” that’s me! The horse scene was also a favorite of mine.

Prestige Arts Swan Donna said this swan print was one of their best sellers.


Prestige Arts Lady Another lady that looks like she has lot on her mind.


Prestige Art birds in Dogwood tree Can you count all the birds?

Prestige Arts Grand palace I think I need to get dressed up to even look at this piece. Formal rooms only please.

Prestige Arts red roses Red roses! Perfect for a small space.


Peninsula bed Last but not least, I visited Peninsula. Notice the foot board, very unique. You would need to be careful walking around the bed in the dark.

Peninsula large gray velvet chair I love the stone colored velvet on this chair. Looks so comfy!

Peninsula Mirror bed Loved the gray and mirrored bed. Look to the right at the giant lamp, don’t even think about putting anything else on that table. The lamp takes up the whole table.

That’s it for my highlights at Las Vegas Market this year. Hope you enjoyed visiting the showrooms with me.


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