Las Vegas Market Highlights (3 of 4)

Aura Designs Ballerina I was drawn into the Aura Designs showroom because of their unique lamps and statues. This ballerina was my favorite. How cute is she? Makes you feel like stretching. TIP: You can double click to enlarge any image.


Aura Designs ballerina She is pretty cute too. Ballerinas are so sweet, I think just the sight of them has a calming effect.


Aura Designs Dancers These would are perfect for a study or dining room. A great addition to a family that loves music.


Aura Designs Dancers Do you love to dance, than this statue is for you.


Aura Designs Cute floor lamp! All of their statues are definite conversational pieces. It’s funny how each of these pieces invokes a totally different feeling.


Dovetail Bed I had to stop in at the Dovetail showroom. Still lovin’ the old worn look; the patchwork of wood in this headboard was gorgeous.


Dovetail - unique chair Great chair and so colorful. The tapestry type fabric would wear so well.


Cyan Design Green Cyan Designs always has such great displays. Great plant stands and vases in this vignette.

Cyan Design orange More vases, lamps and a large beautiful mirror.


Cyan Design horse and lamps Now this is an eye catching display. Who would think of hanging lamps freestyle with a large horse? I guess large horses are the new hot item this year.

Visser Lady I love framed prints and art, so I stopped in Visser to browse and found a few interesting pieces.


Visser Ladies in pink evening gowns Very cute evening dress prints all in pink.


I loved this cross.

Visser Crosses More crosses. Many of the showrooms had framed crosses.

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