Minutes Matter’s 800 Number is down AGAIN!

Phone dangling

Our 800 number is down AGAIN and has been down since last week! If you have tried to call, you might have received a message saying we weren’t available or that number is no longer available. We are in the office and in the process of porting our 800 number to a new service. Unfortunately, this could take up to three weeks.

Many of you have emailed us, spoke with us on our LiveChat or posted on the forum, and we have replied as quickly as possible. I have listed several ways in which you can contact us during the interim. We will send out an update, as soon as we resolve this issue. For those of you that don’t have free long distance, let us know when you call and we’ll be glad to call you back as soon as we can. Below are two alternate phone numbers:

Phone 1: 615-824-1933
Phone 2: 615-824-1936

NOTE: If you have purchased a new computer, had a hard drive crash or need to reinstall Studio log into CustomerHub, Minutes Matter’s private membership site, to access the link to download Studio and retrieve your serial number.

You can also post questions on our forum. Forgot how to log into the forum? Click on the Sign In button & enter your credentials.

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(If you experience trouble logging into the forum, email techsupport@minutesmatter.com with your full name and company information, and we’ll get you set up right away.)

CustomerHub ~ Need your serial number for Studio? Visit Minutes Matter’s membership site, CustomerHub, and gain quick & easy access to download links, videos, Studio’s serial number and much more.

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