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More great apps for your Mac computer!


This morning Fliplab announced a super sale on three great apps. These apps are not for your iPhone or iPad they’re for your Mac laptop or desktop computer. These apps reside on top bar on the right side. I didn’t find out about the Mac App store for months after getting my Mac, but now that I’ve found it . . . . I love the Mac app store.

You can purchase almost any Mac software through the Mac App Store. Who knew! What’s the benefit? You never have to install a software. If you purchase a new Mac computer all you need to do is sign into your iTunes account in the Mac App Store and all your purchases are restored. It’s the same concept that works in iTunes with your phone or iPad. How easy is that?

NoteTab Pro allows you to make super quick notes. You can create folders and sync notes with Dropbox. Click on the link to read more. On sale today for only .99 cents.


MailTab Pro is a quick way to check your Gmail account. You won’t believe how much time it can save when checking emails. Click on the link to read more. On sale today for only .99 cents.



Last but not least, is FX Photo Studio for your Mac. This is a super easy-to-use photo editing app. If you want to make your photographs look incredible, check out this app on sale by Fliplab for 24 hours – only $4.99. I have FX Photo Studio on my iPhone and iPad and love it.

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