November/December Article in Drapery & Design Professional Magazine

My article in the November/December issue of Drapery & Design Professional discusses one of my favorite topics Cloud Computing. At the first of this year, we made an announcement that Minutes Matter had moved to the Clouds. In the issue of this magazine, I discuss taking client presentations to the “Clouds.”

Don’t stop reading now! If you’re wondering what in the world is Cloud Computing, read my entire article the advantages for businesses are amazing. We love living in the Clouds more and more everyday.

If you aren’t already subscribed to this magazine, I definitely recommend it. Drapery & Design Professional covers everything from technology to fabrication techniques. A subscription to the magazine and access to the CHF online forum Membership is only at $48 per year. Add their webinar package and your total would only be $95 per year.

See you in the Clouds!

About the Author
I'm a super energetic person that has lots of new ideas always floating around in my head. I own two businesses, Dandelion Interiors and Minutes Matter and enjoy both of them. One business satisfies my need to use my creative design talent and the other satisfies my need to help others to develop their technology skills. I absolutely love my church, my family, my two granddaughters, technology and cooking.

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