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Siri can do calculations for you ~ who knew?

Vickie Ayres, our QuickBooks Pro Advisor, shared this tip she received via email today. I loved it, and I think you will too. I use the calculator on my iPhone a lot but after learning about this trick I won’t be using my calculator app anymore.

Did you know Siri will do calculations for you? Yep, we can add this to the long list of things Siri can do. It’s so simple all you need to do is hold down your Home button  on your phone to activate Siri….. and say “25% of $360.00,”  or in the blink of an eye she will add, subtract multiple numbers for you. She uses Wolfram Alpha do her calculations. The bonus is Siri shows a record of what l said, so I can check it. And if I made a mistake, all I do is press tap to edit (under the formula) and correct it and it calculates again. I don’t have to do it all over again like I would in the Calculator app.

I love this tip ~ who knew Siri could do that too?

Social ~ siri calculates Siri calculated 25% of $360 in a split second


Social ~ Siri calculates2 Siri added 75 + 105.5 + 7.5  ~ WOW, I’m impressed!

This tip was compliments of iPhone Life as their “Tip of the Day.” If you have an iPhone or iPad sign up for their tips and tricks.



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