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Sitting is the new smoking! Yikes, I’m in trouble. . .

I ran across this video on YouTube and the title got my attention. I knew sitting at my desk most of the day wasn’t the best thing I could do for my health. This video makes you aware of what we are doing to our bodies and how it is affecting our health. After watching the video I shared it on Facebook and Judy Soccio commented that she has already using a drafting table as her desk and trying to stand as much as possible. She also stated her knees and hips are less stiff now.

I thought about elevating my desk but I’ll have to put more thought into how I would accomplish that. I really didn’t give the treadmill solution much thought because, well to be honest I’m not that coordinated. I would probably end of knocking my computer or iPad off the desk.

I have decided I will get up more often do some leg lifts, shoulder shrugs, double bicep curls  or maybe some standing hip twists. See some exercise options below:


 Shoulder Shrugs (12 – 15 reps)

Standing Oblique Crunch (12 – 15 reps)

Double Bicep  Curl (12 – 15 reps)


Standing Hip Twists (12 – 15 reps)


How will you get up and move? Our health is priceless!

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