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My Social Book~Print Your Facebook Memories

I found a super creative way to capture memories from Facebook, provided you posted about family or business events, and those special times in your life! I was amazed at how fast and easy it was to generate this beautiful book full of photos, posts and comments. We’ve highlighted the basic steps so you can make your own Social Book!


mysocialbook_1 Just click Create a Social Book and you’re on your way!


mysocialbook_1_content You can select the time frame you’d like to print as well as specify the posts and photos you’d like to see!  You can also click Remove posts to omit whichever posts and photos you’d rather not have in your book.


mysocialbook_1_unchecked posts Just uncheck the posts you wish to leave out and they won’t be printed.


mysocialbook_2_albums All the photos you’ve uploaded during your specified time period will automatically appear, but if you’d like to include any albums you’ve created, such as a special vacation or anniversary party or business event, you need to click the  Add photo albums button to add.


mysocialbook_choosealbum Select your favorite album and click Choose. You’re nearly done!


mysocialbook_4_cover Choose how you’d like your book cover to appear, then click Save and add to cart.


mysocialbook_pagepreview Then click See inside! to preview your masterpiece. Voila! You’ve made a charming and lasting heirloom to enjoy for years to come!!


About the Author
I'm a super energetic person that has lots of new ideas always floating around in my head. I own two businesses, Dandelion Interiors and Minutes Matter and enjoy both of them. One business satisfies my need to use my creative design talent and the other satisfies my need to help others to develop their technology skills. I absolutely love my church, my family, my two granddaughters, technology and cooking.

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