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Studio’s Level II Coaching begins next Thursday – sign up now, you’ll be glad you did!

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How would you like to have more confidence with your Minutes Matter Studio graphic design skills AND be able to produce a rendering better and faster? If your answer is yes, don’t miss this opportunity to make a drastic change in your business.

Check out our newest testimony!

“Studio’s Coaching Program was truly amazing! I learned SO much and Merlyn was SO patient with me! She is really THE best! I struggled with the “Homework” many times and she was always there to help me! I really appreciate all she did for me! I can FINALLY say I know how to use Studio after owning it for far too many years than I care to admit with not using it!” ~ N Hogan

Sign up for ourĀ  Level II Coaching program and we guarantee you’ll see great changes in your business in 2013. Education keeps your business moving forward. DON’T WAIT, our coaching session begins NEXT THURSDAY, January 24th.

If this is the year you would like to gain mastery over your graphic skills and take your design renderings to the next level, why don’t you enroll in one of our coaching programs? Studio Coaching programs are offered exclusively through the WFCP (Window Fashions Certification Program) and Minutes Matter. We know so many of you are barely skimming the surface of what Studio can do for your business. Our goal is to make sure you are fully utilizing all aspects of this multifaceted program.

Almost every part of our business and personal lives would benefit from some type of coaching. A skilled coach can help achieve a goal faster and easier. Coaches stretch us and make us reach for skills we thought were out of reach. A good coach will recognize weaknesses and help you improve in those areas. We feel very strongly about the coaching programs we offer at Minutes Matter. Students who have completed the Studio Coaching program have come away with a feeling of accomplishment and proficiency that is not achieved in any other teaching environment.

Check out a few comments from former students regarding our coaching sessions . . .
“I have gone from occasionally using Studio to finding daily opportunities to put it to good use. We have had the program for a few years but weren’t utilizing it nearly enough. Clients more and more want and expect this technology. The class and coaching from Merlyn (amazingly patient woman!!) is worth every penny and every minute spent….and then some!” On top of all that I had a great time!” ~ S Rhoten

“I just finished this course and wanted to let you know how very glad I am that I took it. I have had Studio for about 3 years and have hacked my way through but with the focus on ‘virtual’ everything, I decided I should get more proficient with this tool if I wanted to be able to market my skills effectively. Merlyn IS a magician. She coached the best from me, more than I thought I could EVER do. With my new skills I am more inspired and so much more confident. Once again, the Minutes Matter team has gone above and beyond what I expected. You have put together a spectacular team that can produce such a fine product, support that product and expand that product while keeping the customer growing with you. Quite an accomplishment. Thank you – to you and ALL of your team. Especially Merlyn.”
~ Linda Whitaker

“The coaching session has been extremely important as I grow my business and expand my network. It is not just about using the Minutes Matter Studio program that has increased my sales; it is about belonging to group that encourages everyone to move forward. The program is a must have in today’s competitive consumer landscape!”
~ Juanita Strassfield

“I so enjoyed the Level I Coaching Program. I have had Studio since Nov. ’08 but had not tried to do much with it because I just didn’t have the computer skills and did not really understand the tutorial DVD enough to feel comfortable. I had not attended any conferences due to the cost so I was excited when the program was offered. Merlyn was very thorough in her teaching and had the utmost of patience with all of us. I feel more comfortable with my general computer skills. I did not even know how to attach to an email! I appreciate Minutes Matter developing this Coaching Program and I appreciate the time that Merlyn spent as our coach! It was money well spent and I am looking forward to see if I can handle the Advanced Program! The only regret I have is that it had to end!” ~ Beth Watson

“Not only did I learn a lot about Studio 3.0 through the novice training class but I also had a lot of fun. I actually miss not having homework to do anymore! My renderings have improved so much that I am happy to show them to my customers and their feedback has been extremely positive. I know Studio is going to help me sell more jobs.”
~ Kim Powers

Check out our graduates! Minutes Matter graduates have completed all homework assignments and submitted their final project. It’s not hard to graduate, but you are required to participate and submit your homework.



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Studio’s Coaching Programs

You’ll learn to use Studio faster and better than you ever dreamed possible. When you have great graphic skills, you’ll give a rendering to every client for every room. Once you begin using this strategy, your clients will be marketing for you! Everyone loves to think they have a designer using the latest technology. When your clients can view a rendering of THEIR project with THEIR wall color, THEIR window treatment, THEIR fabric they are ready to sign on the bottom line. Best of all, you’ll love seeing your bottom line increase!

When you participate in our six week coaching program, you receive live, via the Internet, hands-on time with an expert instructor. Each session is specifically tailored to suit your needs in a natural progression. When you actually perform a task yourself, you are more likely to retain it, understand it and finally allow it to become second nature. Learning to utilize Studio to the max will give you the ability to move your company’s services out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

For a complete course outline click on the link below. (Class size is limited to 12.)

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Cost: $647 (6 week class)
Class time: 90 minutes (each week)

|Studio Level II Coaching Class ~ Thursday, January 24th Click here for more details & to register|

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