Back To School News

I am patting myself on the back and  hoping someone will celebrate with me!  I passed my 2014 QuickBooks Pro-Advisor Certification today.  In addition to attending several QuickBooks trade shows and educational conferences every year, I take a test to prove I deserve the...

Vickie Ayres ~ 2013 Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Congratulations to Vickie Ayres! She just passed her 2013 QuickBooks ProAdvisor Certification. Every year, Vickie takes time out of her busy schedule to get certified by QuickBooks. If you’re an Interior Designer or drapery workroom fabricator check out Minutes...

Paying and Reimbursing Yourself in QuickBooks

How to decide to pay and reimburse yourself can be a difficult question, especially when you first open your business. Almost all new businesses have to re-invest most of their profit back into the business. Think about how much it would cost to replace yourself doing the tasks...

Track Mileage in QuickBooks

Recently, there have been lots of tech support questions regarding how to track business expenses that are paid out-of-pocket from personal funds. One of the most common questions is about using a personal vehicle for business purposes. QuickBooks has a great Mileage Log that can...