Studio Live! Let’s Get Social

Join us Wednesday, September 9th at 1:00PM EDT for Studio Live! Our topic is “Let’s Get Social.” We’ll be discussing easy ways to share your talents, design concepts and favorite finds on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and, of course, your blog. We will...

Studio Live Webinar! Best Practices for Your Computer with Q&A Session

Our Studio Live! webinars are super informative and FREE to join. Best of all THIS YEAR all webinars are recorded and saved inside your CustomerHub account and can be viewed anytime at no charge. This month, we’ll be covering a few best practices when working on your...

New to Studio Online? Check out Silvia’s Renderings

This week, I received an email from Silvia Karounos one of our new Studio Online users. She wanted to share some of her recent renderings with the Minutes Matter team. In fact, she has only been using Studio Online since August.  She was determined to learn all the features and...

Can you spell that for me?

For those of us that compose emails, blog posts, emails or Facebook posts, wouldn’t it be great to have someone read over your document before it goes live for the world to see? Me, I always welcome any help and critiques I can get. My problem is when I write something I am...

Studio Coaching Level II Graduate, Marie Mouradian, featured in Vision Magazine

Minutes Matter Studio’s Rendering ~ sells the job! Marie Mouradian, a Studio Coaching Level II graduate, was featured in the September/October issue of Window Fashion Vision Magazine. Below is her article: by Marie Mouradian, WFCP Expert, Window Designs, Etc., Jefferson, MA...

Digital Storyboards by Merlyn Corcoran

  A storyboard, like the one shown here, is one of the primary ways to communicate your design concept to your clients. Putting together samples of fabrics and finishes, along with photos of furnishings, helps clients visualize how their rooms will look when completed. With...

Studio’s Kitchen Module has released!

We are excited to announce that our new Kitchen Module has released. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Check out the renderings below and you’ll see what we mean. The Kitchen Module includes nearly 1,100 new images. The Kitchen Module blends the...

How Green is the Internet? (by Google)

As I have mentioned before, I subscribe to Google’s blog. Today, they posted a very thought provoking blog on how moving to the cloud is actually green. Who Knew? Great article. By the way, we are a Google Apps company and loving every minute of it. Goodbye Outlook; we...

Holiday Decorating – Studio is willing and able!

Tis the season we all carve out some time to spend time with our friends and family. What better way to welcome guests than by adding a few holiday touches to the outside of your home. This year on The Lounge, our forum, Merlyn decided to challenge herself by using Studio’s...

Has your email account been hacked?

PwnedList, is a service that notifies you if it discovers your email in the hacker soup it’s constantly monitoring. All you have to do is enter your email address, though if even that makes you uncomfortable, just sign up with a securely SHA-512-hashed version of your address...