Apple’s iWatch is so many things to me!

Apple’s new IOS 2 update for the iWatch included a cool new feature. The iWatch turns into a night clock when it’s turned on it’s side and connected to the charger. Other things I love about my iWatch: I love that with a super quick glance I can check to see if...

Create a Watercolor Masterpiece with a Click

Since I wasn’t born with the natural artistic ability to paint or even produce a good hand sketch, I depend on technology to do that for me. Within seconds, technology can transform a Studio image or any photo I’ve taken into a sketch or watercolor. Today, I was...

Dual Monitors Increase Efficiency (under $100)

During our Studio Live! webinar this week, I alluded on how to increase efficiency by using dual monitors. Yesterday, I was browsing a Sam’s Club flyer that came in the mail and was blown away at the price of this 21.5″ Dell monitor. I have never seen 21″...

Studio Live Webinar! Best Practices for Your Computer with Q&A Session

Our Studio Live! webinars are super informative and FREE to join. Best of all THIS YEAR all webinars are recorded and saved inside your CustomerHub account and can be viewed anytime at no charge. This month, we’ll be covering a few best practices when working on your...

New to Studio Online? Check out Silvia’s Renderings

This week, I received an email from Silvia Karounos one of our new Studio Online users. She wanted to share some of her recent renderings with the Minutes Matter team. In fact, she has only been using Studio Online since August.  She was determined to learn all the features and...

Siri can do calculations for you ~ who knew?

Vickie Ayres, our QuickBooks Pro Advisor, shared this tip she received via email today. I loved it, and I think you will too. I use the calculator on my iPhone a lot but after learning about this trick I won’t be using my calculator app anymore. Did you know Siri will do...

Can you spell that for me?

For those of us that compose emails, blog posts, emails or Facebook posts, wouldn’t it be great to have someone read over your document before it goes live for the world to see? Me, I always welcome any help and critiques I can get. My problem is when I write something I am...

New Computer with Windows 8.1 ~ Here’s Four great videos!

If you’ve recently purchased a Windows 8 computer, you’re definitely in for a shock on how to use your computer. Microsoft recently updated their Windows 8 operating system to Windows 8.1 which allows users to use their mouse easier. Windows 8 was developed using the...

It’s easy to add a Pinterest Button to your website or blog

If you have images in a blog or on a website, people who find them may want to save or share them. Currently, there are over 70 million registered users on Pinterest. We see photographs all the time that have no linkable source to their designers. Adding a Pinterest Button is a...

My Social Book~Print Your Facebook Memories

I found a super creative way to capture memories from Facebook, provided you posted about family or business events, and those special times in your life! I was amazed at how fast and easy it was to generate this beautiful book full of photos, posts and comments. We’ve...