Holiday Decorating – Studio is willing and able!

Tis the season we all carve out some time to spend time with our friends and family. What better way to welcome guests than by adding a few holiday touches to the outside of your home. This year on The Lounge, our forum, Merlyn decided to challenge herself by using Studio’s...

Has your email account been hacked?

PwnedList, is a service that notifies you if it discovers your email in the hacker soup it’s constantly monitoring. All you have to do is enter your email address, though if even that makes you uncomfortable, just sign up with a securely SHA-512-hashed version of your address...

Off to market we go! That is High Point Furniture Market

High Point Furniture Market begins next week. In fact, Saturday October 13th is opening day for High Point. There are lots of social and educational events scheduled. And, of course, there is always plenty of free food. If this your first time to visit market check out their...

Studio Live! Gradient Fills & Texture (BONUS: Rowley’s Room Design Challenge)

  Merlyn, Studio’s webinar host, never seems to run out of innovative ways to use Studio. This month, she contacted Rowley Co. and asked if we could join in the fun for their inspirational and educational Room Design Challenge  – from design to fabrication....

Great iPhone app for tracking your sleep patterns

The Sleep Cycle alarm clock app is a great way to track your sleep patterns. I know, some of you are thinking sleep cycles. I’ve got too much to do to think about my sleep patterns. Did you know, we need 8 – 10 hours of QUALITY sleep every night? Who knew? I...

WFCP annual color challenge is back!

 WFCP Annual Color Challenge is Back! Below is a note from Deb Barrett, ****************************************** We had so much fun with the color blocking project that this year we have put together another challenge. We know that a lot of you are proficient in the rendering...

More great apps for your Mac computer!

  This morning Fliplab announced a super sale on three great apps. These apps are not for your iPhone or iPad they’re for your Mac laptop or desktop computer. These apps reside on top bar on the right side. I didn’t find out about the Mac App store for months...

MenuTab Pro for Facebook (Attention Mac users)

If you own a Mac computer and use Facebook, I recommend this app. It is quick and easy to view recent posts or to actually create a post on your personal or business timeline. I love the Mac app store. ♥ Look for more of my favorite Mac Apps – coming soon. This app is on...

Did you drop your phone in water?

|View Video|   Everyday, I read at least 1 – 2 hours.  I read my Bible, articles on health, food, technology and marketing. Today, I found an article that is definitely worth sharing with everyone. The article is by Kim Komando on how to revive your phone if you drop...

Learning to Work in the Clouds

Thursday, I conducted a live seminar for the WCAA Atlanta Chapter “Learning to Work in the Clouds.” Almost everyone was surprised at the new opportunities that are available for businesses. Working with cloud based software can be extremely efficient and very cost...