Rapportive ~ A Great Way to Develop Rapport

| Click to enlarge & read notes | I installed Rapportive over a month ago to my Gmail account and I love that I can see instant feeds on whomever I am emailing at that moment. This week, I was emailing a friend and noticed in Rapportive that my friend’s daughter had...

Is it easy to do business with your company? WiseStamp can help!

What’s in your signature? Okay, I played on the Capital One credit card slogan What’s in your wallet? Have you given thought to the fact that your email signature could be marketing for you? Your email signature can be an effective way to give clients a glimpse of who...

Dropbox ~ A Smart Way to Backup Your Files

Setting up a backup system to backup your company files is one of the most important projects a business can do. Have you ever felt the horror of losing all your files? I hope not. That would be a terrible situation for any business owner. It consumes massive amounts of time and...