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Whether you are a freelance designer or work for an interior design firm, Minutes Matter is a one-stop solution that can make a huge difference in your career. If you are working for a firm you probably are being evaluated just as much by the volume to work you complete as by the quality of work that you do. While many firms are looking to employ visionary designers, they also want the ones who can close out the project and satisfy the customer.

Working as an interior designer can be both demanding and rewarding. Those who are able to complete more projects while maintaining a high level of quality will be the ones that come out on top at the end of the year. Minutes Matter can cut down the time that it takes to complete a design concept by as much as half by using Minutes Matter Studio. Whether it is creating renderings for interior design concepts or using Studio as a behind-the-scene communication tool, interior designers swear by Minutes Matter’s Studio software.

Most certified interior design firms are highly competitive, and if you are seeking to edge out the competition Minutes Matter may be just what you need. Besides the software, Minutes Matter is top provider of graphic design education and training on the web.

Benefits include:

Tutorials for the interior design software, Minutes Matter Studio
Live Studio Webinars on design principles
Online forums to network with other design professionals
One-on-One coaching customized to improve your learning experience

Whether you are just starting out in the world of design or are a seasoned professional employed at an interior design firm, you can benefit from the software and web-based solutions that Minutes Matter can provide. Minutes Matter has over 30 years of experience in the industry and we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of software and solutions that are as affordable as they are easy to use. Your clients come to you so that you can make their dreams a reality. Trust in us to bring your dreams to life.

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    Trincity, Trinidad and Tobago

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