Why Did the Other Interior Designer Get the Job?

Do you ever wonder why some designers get the job and you don’t, even when you know you were the best interior designer for them? What did they do differently?

When a prospective client comes to you to redesign their space – often where they spend a majority of their free time – it’s a very personal and emotional decision to give the reins to someone else, especially someone they don’t know. What they need and want from you as a designer is the confidence that you are the best person to turn their vision into a reality. 

How do you do this? In a way you might not expect…

Many times when we talk with a prospective client, we want to be flexible so they know we’re easy to work with. However, sometimes this comes across as wishy-washy and the client interprets this as insecurity – the exact opposite of what we want to portray.

What the client wants more than anything is to see that you ‘get’ them; that you understand what they want; and have the experience and expertise to turn their vision into a reality. In other words, if they say they want X and you know that won’t work, you need to tell them…and tell them why it won’t work. This shows that you’re the expert. If they say they’re not sure whether they want X or Y, you need to tell them why X would work better.

The more you take control of the design, the more they’ll trust you. Think about the times that you’ve asked someone whether they recommend X or Y. If they say, “either will work”, then you’re left with no more information than you started out, and no more confidence in your choice. If, however, they say, “Definitely Y because…” then their conviction will convince you that Y is the best choice.

Your client feels secure when you’re confident in your abilities. So when they’re entrusting their home to you, they want to feel as confident and secure in that choice as possible. So remember, their confidence in you is directly proportionate to the confidence you have in yourself.

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Maria Bayer, the Authentic Sales Coach for Design Success University, shows interior designers how to take charge of their clients and make more money without being salesy.

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